Sunday, June 22, 2008

(Pets) Introducing Snuffles and Snappy

Hamsters have always been a cute small little territorial
creature that loves to sniff everything on it's way.

Here I have Snuffles and Snappy.
Though they are of different breeds, they seem to get along
fine. I've had them since they were young so they do not seem
to mind each other's presence.

The only reason why I named them Snuffles and Snappy is because
of the fact that Snuffles always has a thing to sniff every
single little thing that's new in the cage. Whether it is food,
pet water bottle, Snappy's tiny little dough, you can see Snuffles
sniffing away! As for Snappy, she's one sensitive little creature.
One little movement and it starts to shriek acting like it's going
to be eaten or something -_-, a very 'snappy little fellow' I must say.

In any case, here they are;
Snuffles and Snappy.
From the 2nd picture itself, one could already tell that Snuffles
was trying to sniff on my Fujifilm Z2 camera. A curious little
fella indeed.

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