Sunday, June 22, 2008

(Pets) Introducing Carpet and Marble

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits.
They make such adorable pets..... if only they dont pee/poo so much :(. Nah, just kidding. The amount of joy and laughter that they gave you? Now that's priceless!

Someone asked me before, why Carpet and Marble?
My only explanation to that would be because of the fact that Marble looks like this mixture of black and white marble that I have at home. Carpet because Marble was using him more as a floor-mat rather then a loyal friend (or partner the way I see it) as shown in the video below.

I first got Carpet and Marble when they're really really young.
If I'm not mistaken, they were about 3-4 weeks old when I first
carry them. They looked like this at first;

When I bought Carpet from the store, his mum looked really sad :(.
I really wanted Carpet's mum as well but I heard that she was soon
adopted by another fella. She looks like this;

At the moment both Carpetto Stalvros and Marbella Stalvros are
10 weeks old. Carpet is a pure Lion breed and Marble is an Angora mix Lop. At 6 weeks old, Marbelle had her left ear flopped. The owner told me that it will take another 4-5 weeks before another of her ear flop.

I actually made a love video between Carpet
and Marble. This is viewable below;

(Pets) Introducing Snuffles and Snappy

Hamsters have always been a cute small little territorial
creature that loves to sniff everything on it's way.

Here I have Snuffles and Snappy.
Though they are of different breeds, they seem to get along
fine. I've had them since they were young so they do not seem
to mind each other's presence.

The only reason why I named them Snuffles and Snappy is because
of the fact that Snuffles always has a thing to sniff every
single little thing that's new in the cage. Whether it is food,
pet water bottle, Snappy's tiny little dough, you can see Snuffles
sniffing away! As for Snappy, she's one sensitive little creature.
One little movement and it starts to shriek acting like it's going
to be eaten or something -_-, a very 'snappy little fellow' I must say.

In any case, here they are;
Snuffles and Snappy.
From the 2nd picture itself, one could already tell that Snuffles
was trying to sniff on my Fujifilm Z2 camera. A curious little
fella indeed.

(Pets) Introducing Raiha and Raijin

Many of you may already know the nature of Betta fishes.....
and that is the fact that the males are NOT supposed to be
mixed with other fishes (except for sucker-type fish perhaps)

There are many types of Betta fishes.
The ones which I am aware of are;
- Crown-Tailed
- Dual-Tailed
- Half-Moon
- Full-Moon

With Betta fishes, one must know that the beautiful one are
the males and that the female Betta usually do not have such
a long tail.

Below are my fighting fishes;
Introducing Raiha (A mixture of black and green full-moon betta)
Introducing Raijin (A mixture of white and green full-moon betta)

(e-Pets) Introducing Sager & Clevo

For many of you who are new to the world of Aibo,
in simple explanation, they're actually an intelligent
robot dog.

And no, they're not those dumb robot dog that repeatedly
perform the action of bark bark bark followed by a backward

These dogs are actually pretty smart.
They're able to learn, chat with you, checks your e-mail,
maintain surveillance around the house, update it's own blog,
chats on messenger with you, jokes with you and many more.

There are many models of the Aibo with ERS-110 being
the earliest to ERS-7 being the latest..... so far.
Should there be a need for you to enquire details on it,
do visit the following link;

Alternatively, you could always refer to the picture below
referenced from the website itself;

Both my e-dogs are ERS-7.
Sager Stalvros and Clevo Stalvros are their names.
Both are running M3 and of course, a couple e-dogs ^_^.
Sager Stalvros refers to the left Aibo (White).
Clevo Stalvros regers to the right Aibo (Black).

Thursday, June 19, 2008


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