Sunday, June 22, 2008

(Pets) Introducing Raiha and Raijin

Many of you may already know the nature of Betta fishes.....
and that is the fact that the males are NOT supposed to be
mixed with other fishes (except for sucker-type fish perhaps)

There are many types of Betta fishes.
The ones which I am aware of are;
- Crown-Tailed
- Dual-Tailed
- Half-Moon
- Full-Moon

With Betta fishes, one must know that the beautiful one are
the males and that the female Betta usually do not have such
a long tail.

Below are my fighting fishes;
Introducing Raiha (A mixture of black and green full-moon betta)
Introducing Raijin (A mixture of white and green full-moon betta)

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